What is your baby doing at their 7-12 Months?

What your baby is doing: Her babbling will begin to sound more like words. She'll intentionally repeat sounds (like "gaga") over and over. At about 9 months, she'll start to understand gestures, pointing and grunting to indicate her wants. At about 10 months, she'll gain more control and begin combining sounds. The first word often appears around 12 months. Common first words may be greetings ("hi" or "bye-bye"). Or they might be very concrete: people ("ma, ma" or "da, da"), pets ("doggy" or "kitty"), or food ("cookie," "juice," or "milk").

What your baby can understand: Your baby is slowly beginning to comprehend a few words, things like names and everyday objects such as "bottle" or "crib." She keys in on intonation, realizing that a sharp tone often means "No!" or "Stop!"

Right now Sofea is saying: Tak, Dak eh, and some words mama couldnt figure out.
Sofea already responding to me sometimes, which I also couldnt tell exactly whether she really understand me or just for the sake of responding. Sofea makin pandai bersembang, dan suka diajak bercakap...Memang ada respons, tapi tak tahulah apa yang dia cakap...haaah.. I really miss her, whenever she is not around.

More tips
Encouraging Language Development

1. Talk With Her Have conversations with your baby! Respond to her babbling. Give her time to talk and then respond to what she said. Talk to her just like you would talk to a good friend. Show her something you're working on, ask her questions, and recount a memory. Hearing the inflections and intonations of conversation will help her learn to respond to you in kind.

Sofea's respond: She really loves whenever we have a little serious chat session. She even responded seriously to me with all the 'serious' face.  

2. Sing to Her Sing a variety of songs, from childhood lullabies and kids' songs, to pop and rock music. When you consistently sing one song ever time your baby needs comforting, she'll soon recognize it and calm down when she hears it. This can help in the car when you can't pick her up to comfort her; sing your song to help her relax and calm down.

Sofea's respond: I have been singing to her since she was born. 1st fave song adalah twinkle2 little star, kalau nyanyi je lagu tu sure terpaku punyalah...2nd fave song is lavender blue, ni pun kalau nyanyi je sure dia dok diam...tengah nangis pun bole diam..tapi of all, memang singing is one of the most thing that would calm her down especially when BF. Baru lah dia dok diam2..

Currently, she is really into lagu Nobody by Wonder Girls. Kalau buka je lagu tu, pastilah melengok-lenggok anak mama sorang ni...Dekat2 habis je lagu, bateri makin low...mata pun terpejamlah akhirnya.

3. Read Often
Read to your baby as often as you can. Choose books with bright colors and simple illustrations. She'll love looking at the pictures and will start interacting with the story. She may point to pictures or do hand motions that go with the story.

Sofea's respond: Sofea memang suka buku. Pantang jumpa magazines, paper, apapun bahan bacaan, pasti dia akan tengok, dan try buka. Memang sukalah baca buku, walaupun tak pandai baca..kalau mama bacakan buku untuk dia pun...dia akan stay still paling maksimum 5 minit..the rest dia kata dia baca sendiri..haha.

4. Name the Parts of Her Body Make up rhymes as you name the parts of your baby's body that you touch, such as her nose, toes, and belly button.

Sofea's respond: Aktiviti ni kami kebiasaannya buat lepas mandi time...Sofea memang enjoy mandi, rumah baru ni ada bath tub...wah2..lagi seronok anak mama mandi. Lepas mandi, lesson time bermula. I think all babies really loves to learn, and its up to us to keep it entertaining...

5. Point Out Everything Name everything in your baby's environment. People (Mama, Daddy, Grandpa), animals (cat, duck), objects (sup, bowl, flowers), and body parts (fingers, mouth, ears).

Sofea's respond: Aktiviti ni aunty yang selalu ajarkan...Walaupun kekadang ala-ala tak layan je...but I know my little Sofea is watching and learning.

6. Tell Tall Tales Tell make-believe stories. Simple or elaborate, they'll delight your child as long as they are told in your voice.

Sofea's respond: Aktiviti ni, dengan nenek lah. Macam2 cerita dah ada..cerita badang lah, ayam lah. Walaupun tak paham, I think she really loves story time. Nenek Sofea pun tanpa jemu, menceritakan apa2 cerita je untuk si kecik Sofea Raisha.

Apa progress baby anda pula?

..Mama Sofea Raisha..


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