My Full Saturday

Spending a day with loves one of the most precious thing I treasure.

Papa, Mama & Sofea

We started our day to the Mom & Baby Expo at the Midvalley, KL. Wowee, there is a lot of mama, papa, and babies....Tapi memang best la...banyak benda2 yang we can seee from internet, is there.

Mama Testing Moby Wrap

I am really happy to see all the baby slings, pouch and moby wraps...wah finally i can see all various of things there. Tapi sebenarnya sebab tak plan nak shopping sangat pun, except finding Sofea's new car seat. Kat situ, almost all brands semua ada. And I am eyeing this Combi Car cute little pink kaler.

Masa ronda2 tu..tersinggah kat one shop, that sell baby material made of corn. Very the non-chemi, healthy for babies. Actually little Sofea takde la this very sensitive and allergies skin..tapi since she is starting to bite things. I bought this little candy teethers for her. Little Sofea really love them. And the good things is , it is made from Corn Starch, and...yummy, I wonder does it have corny taste...yummy!

Sofea New Organic Teether
Little Sofea In Sling

Little Sofea Sleeping soundly in Mama Craddle

Sofea wanna have ABC, pls mama, pls...


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