To Save or Just Throw Away

What are the alternatives to a Root Canal Treatment?

If possible saving your natural teeth is the very best choice and the best option. With your natural teeth you can eat a wide range of foods which is necessary to maintain proper nutrition. The root canal procedure is the treatment which you choose.
Having the tooth extracted and replaced with a bridge, implant, or removable partial denture to restore chewing function and preventing the shifting of your adjacent teeth are some alternative to a root canal procedure. Compared to a a root canal procedure these alternatives are more expensive. They also require more treatment time and additional procedures are required for the adjacent teeth and supporting tissues.

Semalam pi jumpa dentist, mmg is about time for me to buat the root canal procedure...but the thing I did not expect is the charges...wallawey..!Tengah sakit memang doktor tak boleh nak buat apa2. Ikutkan hati nak cabut je. Dah la gigi sakit, tak dapat buat apa2..ponstan la jawabnya, tapi tak hilang sakit 100%. Sekarang have to think to save or not. Gigi geraham kecil...mcm penting tu nak kunyah my fave food...huhu...Satu gigi = RM650. Wah..worth it or not?

Mama Ema


Ana Jackson said…
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