Stress-Free Holiday Travel Tips

Air Travel Tip, just for you guys yang ada planning nak travel abroad by plane dengan anak2..balik kampung ke kot2 kena naik plane..I did mine, tapi masa tu tak jumpa lagi tip-tip ni, memang I am wondering pasal benda2 kat bawah ni...dah balik baru jumpa pasal benda ni. Anyway, enjoy reading, doing preparation and have fun with your kids travelling..
Sofea and Mama Sofea
1. Air Travel Tip: Abroad Advice

Apply for your baby's passport ASAP when flying internationally. All passengers, even babies, need a passport for air travel.

Untuk pasport kanak2, yuran adalah sama seperti dewasa RM100 untuk 2 tahun. Tapi ada diskaun, kalau untuk 5 tahun cuma RM150. So dah alang-alang, buatkan je terus 5 tahun.
Dokumen diperlukan: Gambar Pasport 2kpg, Fotostat IC mama/papa, Fotostat Surat Beranak.
Makluman lanjut refer kat website imigresen ok.

2. Air Travel Tip: Fly by the Rules

Declare any liquids such as formula, breast milk, and juice at security checkpoints. Keep in mind the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allow parents to board with "reasonable quantities" larger than the normal 3.4-ounce limit.

Based on my experience, takut2 gak nak bawak susu Sofea yang siap masa naik flite, tapi belasah je bawak, siap bawak thermos air panas lagi. Alhamdulillah, imigresen tak komen apa2 sebab declare untuk keperluan baby.

3. Air Travel Tip: Save Time at Security

Under the TSA carry-on inspection rules, parents and their infants will no longer be required to taste the breast milk or baby formula, which can spoil the liquids. However, passengers still have to declare milk or baby-food containers that exceed the standard 3.4 ounces at the security checkpoint. Avoid extra hassle by only bringing a "reasonable" amount for the length of your trip.

Jangan lupa declare ok, dan jangan bawak bekalan lebih pulak..

4. Air Travel Tip: Carry-On Clues

With all the pricey checked-baggage fees these days, it's tempting to try to carry on as much as you can. But visit your airline's Website first to read their specific policy on how many bags you can bring on, especially if you're not buying a seat for your baby. Some will count an unticketed child's stuff as part of the parent's allotment. The good news? Most airlines still let you check a car seat or stroller for free.

Kalau travel2 ramai2 dengan keluarga, buat check-in group, so boleh guna semua kilos yang available..SELAMAT. Pasal stroller, bawak je sampai nak boarding flight, tak payah check in awal2..nanti dapat label dan lekat, masa kita nak masuk flight nanti, ada assistance yang akan tolong check-in kan...dan yang paling penting no extra fees...

5. Air Travel Tip: Keep It Fun

Hide a little surprise or two for your child in your carry-on. This way, if she's getting restless on the plane, you can pull out a new toy, book, game, or other treat. Introducing a new plaything or activity at a low point buys you more time.

Benda ni yang paling penting, baby memang cepat boring. Macam Sofea memang nak benda baru je. So macam2 mainan mama dia bawak dalam handbag... tapi kalau kreatif apa2 barang pun jadi..
Sofea sibuk fikir nak order apa..

6. Air Travel Tip: Water Break

Bring an empty sippy cup so you can fill it up at the water fountain once you pass through security. Kids often can't wait until service comes through the plane to get something to drink. Having your own can prevent a mid-air meltdown.

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