Happy Birthday Dear Darlin!

All I wanted to say I love u so much...and may our love keep on blooming till the end of our lives and keep on going like the rivers flowing to the sea..

Happy 28th Birthday dear!

Blueberry and chocolate cheese tart

Birthday boy with worn present..guess what??(of course not the t-shirt!)

'Helper' of the day

Sofea tersuperexcited, hepi besday sekali lagi..?

Birthday boy and the food


Yummy 44X!

Sofea excitement of the day: Vitagen & Choc Cheese Tart
Simple celebration untuk mr hubby, tahun2 depan kita buat parti besar-besaran..nak ke..?hehehe. My appreciation to dear hubby, thank you for loving me and taking care of me & little Sofea. We love u so much, pls save all of your loving to us till the end of our time...

Mrs. Shuhaimi


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