Sofea @ 6 Months

Sofea Raisha my little princess already reached 6 months, halfway reaching a year of her life in this world.
6 bulan bersama Sofea, is like wow, I become addicted to her every each day. I think this feeling goes the same to my mum, nenek sofea. Sedar tak sedar, every weekend mesti kena jumpa dengan Sofea Raisha.

The more you are with her, more addictive you'll be to her. 6 bulan ni, dah banyak progres. Sakit pun dah banyak jenis, pernah warded sekali. Injection 6 kali + 1 Pneumococcal. Sedut gas, Fisioterapi.
Sekarang ni Sofea dah pandai merangkak, and she did very well and very fast too. She is starting to climb and stand up. Jatuh pun banyak kali, but minor ones...I hope she is fine, bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian. Biasa la tu nak belajar.

Sofea dah start mamama, bababbaa. Tak lama lagi menyanyi twinkle2 little star la anak mama ni. Banyak sangat yang I want to experience with her. I hope everything I taught and show her will help in her growth. Sofea also started to eat, I started with rice cereal, heinz baby food, and also fruits. She really loves to eat.

Sofea juga dah pandai tunjuk emotion. If she isnt ok with something she will start looking elsewhere and frown, but she will not cry. I noticed that. Macam makan, kalau dia tak suka, dia akan pusing tgk tempat lain...kiri/kanan. If she really loves the food, she will cry if I feed her too slow.

Sofea juga dah pandai kenal orang, there are some people she just love to be with, and some she doesn't want to. Tapi she is also addicted to mama. Pantang tgk mama, mesti nak dekat2 dgn mama. Biasala lumrah alam, a baby also feel safe wit her own mum/the one who nurses her day and nite.

I also noticed that Sofea will like everything I am interested to, and dislike apa yang I am not happy/dislike with. i.e. a person, a thing, a food, etc. This is hush...hush! ;)

Ok, a video of my little princess, enjoy!



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