Last week I had attended a seminar organised by PIKOM at Sime Darby Convention Centre. First thing about the location, it was remotely hiding behind Bukit Kiara, which I hmmm...have to go around KL few times (my bad!) to find the location. Luckily yes, I did successfully attend the event. Upon arriving, at first I am quite shock to see that there is not as mny people I expected...but after few hours listening to the speakers, I whispered to myself...quite goodlah, not cramped and jammed inside the seminar hall...just nice.

There is a few booth along the corridor to the auditorium, about 10-15 booth, again just nice and mach with the attendees of the seminar. But, I am not sure why, is it me...or the people who did attend the seminar. I felt unfitted standing/lingering in the crowd...so weird lah...but still could not figure out until now...

Well, the seminar is all about e-commerce thing, in simple word doing business and to shop online. Most of the people, maybe because of age I guess...doesn't shop online...I hope after this at least they will try to shop online once. Most of the reluctancy reason is about trust.

Well, if you could do online banking...why dont you do online shopping. Well, actually you cant really shop everything online (maybe some people do), but not me...I have started this online shopping behavior recently, and found the result is quite interesting. My hubby do got his car via online.....so why dont me. my brother also manage to sell out his car sport rim online, find his new car headlight online... But the process of course not entirely online..

Actually the good thing is you manage to compare prices and quality, but of course not the exact physical condition online. But if you are a good online shopper, and really did your survey/research before you purchase something online....you will definitely find a valuable stuff inside the cloud world.

I mean right now, all of us really should be looking or change our mind direction of thinking to this whole new world/technology coming in front of us. But still, we had to do some balancing living in the real world and the 'cloud' world of internet. Too much of it will also give negative impact to us.

Anyway, from the seminar I did not manage to walk away with lucky draw, which is DELL Netbook and iPad.huhu. But only bring back a nice DELL mug and IBM bussiness card holder, and also some flyers...hoho...


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