Spongebob Run 2017

Our first family run (individual run also 😂) ever so far. Actually I won the family ticket from Astro Contest. The ticket worth around RM400+. 

We have to pickup the run kit a week before in Sunway Pyramid.

The following weekend we have to wake up real early as we have to travel from Putrajaya to Setia City Mall in Shah Alam. Luckily we arrive and managed to park nearby the event. So waited like half an hour and managed to visit a few booth for pictures 😍 and selfies 🤳🏻 before flag off.

There are 2 categories, 5km and 8km. Of course we took the least km 😎 Patrick team!
We are the second group to take off.

Less than 100metres, Syafi already tired and need to be carried. Papa took the challenge to carry Syafi throughout the run 💪🏻💪🏻.
Sofea is steady all the way till the finish line.

Of course we are not the first one to finish. But we did managed to finish the run 👏🏻👏🏻

We met aunty Nana Mahazan on our way to finish line. They already finished their run.

It was indeed a fun day for all of us 🤗


Note when you are running with your kids:
1. Do have light breakfast at home or on the way to the race.
2. Prepare light meal in your kids bag, plus point if you get their favourite snack.
3. Drinking water - mineral/isotonic.
4. Small towel.
5. Cap.
6. Do not over bring stuff !


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