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Last 2 days, tekejut tegempak..I was told to replace someone for security training...I like...1st of all it is because that I have not attended any technical training recently, and it is a security training...and 3rdly the venue at the 5 star hotel @ Ritz Carlton, Bukit Bintang...very refreshing.

Botol Air Ritz Carlton
Macam takde keja lak
This training has awaken me about how critical data security it inside the office or at home. In fact anywhere we are, we had to further strengthen our shield of security.
Training Info
Many things to share, but let me first inform you about the training. The training entitled How to Identify, Combat and Prevent Identity Theft Management given by Dr. Desmond. The training was organised by K Com Management and of course it is not free..But the lesson gained there is something you would not get anywhere berbaloi-baloi. but if u r truely security paranoid...yes of course you could gain everything and even more information from the internet. Its all about your creativity to gain all of these info...Just imagine that you are hackers...what are the things that you are going to attack first..the reason..the info..the data that you wanted..All of these are the things you have to make sure is protected.

Interesting photos
One things that really make me think the other way round, when the trainer started to show how 'you tube' is so ourselves, to thief and anyone. He showed the video on how to open up a padlock...alll u have to do is to type padlock shim in the 'you tube'...tara..there you have the video..can u internet could do damages physically and virtually to yourself, home, families...wallawey...very scary man.

and the other thing is about the spy gadget, I m not sure whether if it will be check via the customs or police if u order this via internet. this is so scary too...just imagine that if someone place a tiny winy camera inside the dressing room in the mall...or inside the female restrooms.OMG...scary man...and the fact is this thing did happen. and the cost of this camera is about $80-$100 via the internet..

Now I am being a security paranoid meself..

Anyway, I'll keep on post any info related as time goes by..and as I knew something new..but ladies and gentleman out there...just be careful in any means that anything could happen beyond our wild imagination..



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