Makan @ Tarbush

Last Monday, I had my lunch at the Food Village Starhill Gallery kat BB. Dapat Food voucher and we can dine-in mana2 restaurant available there. Rasanya lebih 10 restaurant...and geez...its so hard to pick and choose...

Make new frens there, so its just the two of us, me and Swee Teng, finally choosing Morroccan Food..So hasilnya..

gloomy - good for me bad for phone camera
The menu..hmmm
Lamb Briyani..memang superb
Me and my food
Sangat happy chit-chat ngan Swee Teng, especially about our babies...serius tak habis cerita. the food was really yummy, the lamb tak bau langsung...serius sedap. Surely I'll revisit the Tarbush..with Mr.Hubby pulak..



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