My new Sling

Yeah...finally, i got my own baby sling.
Thanks papa for making my dream reality..
but the thing is now that i have to train my baby sofea to sling with mama.
smalam pi kota kemuning, cari baby sling, since that the only place i know where i can place my hand at the sling.
well, its such a cute place. where u can find mama n baby gadget inside there.
for those yang nak cari baby sling and learn how to wear them, u can visit the place @ kota kemuning.
the shop called:The princenprincesshouse
owner dia very frenly, and willing to taech u over n over again..
tapi last i quit, sebab baby sofea dah start nak nagis, ye la, many people there, and she is the model...memang la she feel weird.

wah tak sabar nak balik hari ni, nak praktis dgn baby sofea lagi.
sebenranya semalam tu, teknik yg i cuba salah la..
i baru notis tadi dalam internet the right way to do it.

harap2 balik nanti menjadi la, kerja mama ngan sofea.
pls sofea coop with mama k.


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