Mommy-Daughter Quality Time

seronoknya hari ni dapat spend time with little girl. sampaikan sofea tanak tido..nak main je keja dia...nampaknya mama tak payah buat apa2 la hari nak ye.

tapi haha, mama berjaya tidokan sofea dah, sempat nak blogging and fb sikit.
semalam mcm terpikir la kan..nape baby kalau dah keluar, kena kira balik umo dia ye...kenapa tak kira since dia existed dalam perut.....kalau kira macam tu lakan sofea dah berumur 12 bulan dah = 1 tahun. wah, dah setahun kita sama-sama kan sofea. sofea has completely change mama life. sampai sekarang, mama tak dapat lagi nak adjust myself mcm ema yang dulu. And i think I will never ever can be the old ema again, and yes i never wanted to be the old ema. right now, I am mama ema.

right now, i want the best thing for sofea, papa, n myself. walaupun mama ni kadang2 a little bit obsessed with my work. But i pray hard, that i would not neglected my responsibility as mother to little angel, sofea and wife to papa. but please, i need some time to readjust again until the comfort zone...where is the routine is there.
mama still in the area where mama is still trying n trying to b a good mom n wife.

I really wish I could do all things perfectly as the way it is. but right now, I really thankful to god, as been given a true angel by myside to keep this life full of colours. thanks to belved husband who is always understanding and always helping around so much. I really love you. I am so sorry if I ever hurt you my love.

Spending time together is the most treasurable moment for me.


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