My Birthday Day!

Well, nothing much to tell. But i started the day with very great thing.(;P)
Have to work, but today is non-office day...which really turn my day on. I do received some big..big thing today.. hah....finally my kimiya mattres (one of the most important thing to me!), and another important thing to keep on updating my blog everywhere, celcom broadband. i can keep on smiling while sleeping now!

i had a long day that day..we watch the new movie released...Syurga Cinta..
really recommended to all movie lovers. although it falls in the 'PG' gender...
i think its a great stories for all..

balik2...we tapau the great nan tandoori kat Ali 1!
watch 'behind enemy lines' while surfing via my broadband.

Really happy to spend another quality time @ home with most loved person of my heart!


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