Quality time @ home

For the past few weeks both of us dying to spend time at home. Yeah, finally we did.
we do lots of cooking together. Watched TV, HBO, AFC...
Smalam we watch THE MIST. Wah...the trailer was so good...but sadly, the stories was really bad.
Most stupid movie ending i 'd ever watched. Not recommended at all. And above all, i do hate alien kind of stories and plus sucks story lined..and ending.

Yeah, this weekend also, i got a superadvanced gift from my hubby for the birthday. Well, its still ok la...receiving the gift eventhough..hmm...hmm..
tapi yang penting ianya akan sampai this 22nd of May. Actually its my dream matress..ye ke ni?takpela...anggap je la macam tu..

Last weekend our menu @ home for 2 days:
1. Spaghetti
2. Maggi Goreng Ayam
3. Egg Garlic Bread
4. Mushroom Soup
5. Hamburgers
6. French Fries
7. Keropok Ikan Kelantan
8. Neapolitan Ice-cream
9. Koko Crunch + Milk


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