10 Toddler Milestones 12-17 Months: Sofea Raisha

1. Gets Attached to Lovey
A toddler's strong attachment to a well-loved stuffed animal or blanket--a lovey--offers her a comforting sense of security. (Bonus: Her beloved blanket can even help tame tantrums!)

Cik Sofea ni pun ada bucuk gaks, bucuk dia adalah bantal bear. Tapi takdela kronik sangat attached nya ngan bantal bear ni. Sebab ada sekali tertinggal kat umah ibu dia (nanny sofea) sebab sibuk sangat nak bawak semua bantal pi sana. Malam tu alhamdulillah tido lena gak walaupun takde bantal bear.
tu dia bantal bear oya
i love bantal bear

my bantal bear
muka tak mandi lagi + bantal bear + cik su

Bantal bear
bantal bear lagi...

2. Starts Showing Right- or Left-Hand Dominance Set your child's spoon on the high-chair tray and watch--does he pick it up with the same hand each time? A 1-year-old might begin favoring one hand over the other.

Mmm...actually yang ni mama tak berapa nak perasan, tapi Sofea ni banyak kanan la. Sebab dah kena trained amik tangan kanan kan...

Kanan kan?

Kanan kan?
3. Loves Playing Games Even the simplest game of hide-and-seek might have your little guy squealing with delight. Playing games together is healthy for your toddler--and you!

Takat ni Sofea suka main khemah2. Suka sangat masuk dalam selimut, amik kain tutup kepala dia, pastu cak..mmg fave la main cak2. Kalau tak caya tengok ni..

Sampai macam ni skali lah..Main cak2 ngan papa

4. Holds Out Arms While Getting Dressed As a child becomes more coordinated, getting her dressed in the morning gets easier. Ask her to hold her arms out while you're slipping her shirt on. Voila!

Yes, buat ni, mmg Sofea dah pandai. Senang mama kasi Sofea pakai baju.

5. Has Perfected 2 Words Your little one likely will have perfected a couple of words by now--ball, bye, maybe even Mama or Dada. Keep talking with your tot and watch her vocabulary grow!

yeap...sofea dah pandai cakap:
mama, papa, cat, dog, rambut, ibu

6. Loves Her Reflection Mirror, mirror on the wall--your toddler is the fairest of them all! A baby-safe mirror is a great toy for this age; she'll be delighted by her own reflection.

Sofea suka gile tgk cermin. Kalu sikat rambut dia, kalau ikat rambut dia...cepat2 nak pi tengok cermin.

Tgk tu enjoy betul anak mama tgk cermin

7. Bends for an Object & Can Pick It Up The next time your little one drops a toy, watch to see if he'll retrieve it. He might now be able to bend over and pick up objects without falling.

Dah terer dah sofea amik barang tanpa duduk or jatuh ni.
kan, mama dah katakan..

8. Follows Simple Instructions A young toddler's brain is preparing for a game of Simon Says. Play a simplified game with your tot and see if he can follow basic instructions.

Dah pandai dah sofea ni. Kalu minta tolong amikkan remote control, cepat2 dia pi amik. tak kira la dia tengah nangis ka, tgh makan ke. sangat reliable.
Kalau handphone tu bunyi, dia la orang pertama yang pi amik dulu. Skema lak tu, kalau hp papa, papa je bole jawab. Kalau Hp mama, mama je la yang boleh jawab...orang lain tak bole, jenuh ko pujuk pun takkan bagi punya.

9. Enjoys Playing with Kids
Memang sekarang ni Sofea excited kalau nengok rakan2 sebaya. Tapi kadang2 tu mama tgk sofea ni ada gak jenis2 budak dia nak layan ngan yang tidak. Tak tahu gak le apa kriteria pemilihannya tu. Tapi yang jelas Sofea ni attracted to the opposite gender. Lumrah alammm....

Opposite attraction

10. Starts to Sort Toys
Ye lah...bukan takat sorting je..memunggah habis..so apa yang mama sofea buat..buat dek je la. I noticed that now, little sofea like to play with teddy bear, minnie mouse...then main make-up2..bagi teddy sit down. main ala2 keperempuanan tu. nak buat camne kan..girls are girls...

sayang..tu mama punya k..

Mama Ema


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